Silver Lining Services

Silver Lining Services, LLC. was founded in July of 2002 by Kathy Chavez, Kevin Chavez and Tony Esparza and offers Case Management, Homemaker / Personal Care, Respite Care, On Site Staff Training, Interpreter, Client Advocacy, Home Health Aide and Skilled Nursing Services.  Our agency is known for our personalized touch providing sevices to each client as if they were a part of our own family.  We have been quite successful in D&E Client Services and notably in PCO Client services.  Our most recent additions have been service provisions to the Developmentally Disabled and EEOIC-DOL Uranium industry workers and our skilled nursing department.

Silver Lining Services, LLC. currently serves approximately 458 clients throughout our various programs, and employs approximately 480 people in the greater Cibola and McKinley County Areas.  We have been acknowledged for our outstanding business performance by many local officials and pride ourselves on our above average quality services and genuine concern for those in need.

Silver Lining Services, LLC. supports individuals and works to improve the quality of life for those of any age who might otherwise require institutional care.  This will be accomplished by providing quality, professional, and supportive services to the individual and their family members.  Services will be provided to the individual in their own home and community.  Personal care, client advocacy, and other supportive services are provided in a respectful manner which permits their dignity of risk while overseeing the individual's safety and well-being. 

Our agency prides itself on providing top quality Homemaker/Caregiver services, Case Management, On site Staff Training, Client Advocacy and Skilled Services.  In additon, our agency has an open door policy and our Executive Director can always be reached on or off the job, on or out of the office constantly providing that "Family-Like" quality of service to both staff and client.

When comparing quality of service and the proposed solutions to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing Silver Lining Services, LLC are as follows:

Exceptional Customer Service

Family-Like atmosphere

Determination to do what it takes to serve the community

Strong business staff

SLS is in the business of sharing and caring to the needs of those around us


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